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Enhance Programs and Services With Digital Credentials

Attract More Clients

The market is looking for your expertise and training programs.
With Skill Squirrel get found more easily with searchable posts.
Amplify your posts through social sharing.
Promote directly through your website.
Build your training schedules and grow your audiences.
Issue earned digital credentials under your brand.
Your customers become brand ambassadors when sharing accomplishments online.
Create more awareness about your capabilities.
Grow your professional network and community.
Attract more customers, build your brand!
Why Skill Squirrel?
Community Growth

Community Growth

Reach beyond your existing networks to increase awareness of your programs and services without increasing marketing costs.

Promote Opportunities

Promote Opportunities

Take a more targeted marketing approach using specialized
distribution and search technology to attract new customers.

Expand Your Audience

Expand Your Audience

Either in a classroom, online, or on-the-job, your training
will help people along their career path.

Recognition Through Credentials

Issue Digital Credentials

Giving instantly verifiable recognition of achievement helps
others to succeed while positively reflecting on your own brand.

Value Added Benefits
Key Benefits of Digital Credentials

Save Time

Issue digital credentials in minutes and have them shared around the world in seconds. Your certificates will be instantly verifiable, and unlike paper or plastic, digital certificates don’t get lost or damaged.

Increase Awareness

Digital credentials are shareable on social media to not only enhance the brands of the organizations issuing them, but also the people receiving them. Plus, since they are software, they are programmable and can expire to prompt renewal.

Reduce Fraud

Employers can trust what to expect from candidates that earn your branded credentials, and with one-click verification they know the credential is real and not fake. Plus, you protect your brand, because only those that earn your credentials will own them.
Features For Career Development Leaders

Website Widget

Drive traffic to your website using Skill Squirrel's Group Widget that embeds offers to and from your community within your organization's website.

Community Tags

Networking within a new industry is not without its challenges. Our digital tags helps your clients to easily find relevant training and business opportunities.

Physical Demands

Help your community stakeholders to adopt inclusive practices with our physical demand analysis feature that allows disabled persons to self-determine if an opportunity is suitable.

Additional Features & Benefits for Associations

Membership Posts

Attract new members with membership specific posts promoted outside of your existing networks to increase awareness of your brand and drive membership sales.

Expiry Dates

Encourage timely membership renewals by including expiry dates when you issue credentials. Your members will want to maintain the credibility that membership in your organization affords them.

Data Driven Reporting

Save time reporting key performance metrics to funders. Use our lists for quickly summarizing participant involvement in your events.