Career Launching Platform

Fill Skill Gaps With Digital Credentials

Attract and Retain Talent

Filling a skills gap is challenging.
With Skill Squirrel easily find someone with the right skills to:
Directly fill a role.
Train your team.
Simply create your branded badges.
Issue the badges using verifiable digital credentials.
Your team members can proudly share their work achievements online.
As employee capabilities grow, so does the strength of your team.
Your brand will be recognized as a preferred employer.
Grow your business by attracting talent and more customers!
How Employers Can Enhance Their Brand
Fill Skills Gaps

Fill Skills Gaps

Easily find trainers and experts to meet your training and talent needs.

Create Opportunities

Create Opportunities

Create work and/or training opportunities that can be incentivized with and rewarded by the use of digital credentials.

Promote Opportunities

Promote Opportunities

Reach beyond your website and social media channels using specialized distribution and search technology to connect with job seekers, trainers, and other specialized talent.

Fill Opportunities

Fill Openings

Attract top candidates and help people to reskill and upskill.

Issue Digital Credentials

Issue Digital Credentials

Enhance your employer brand by issuing digital credentials to employees in recognition of their  achievements.

Enhance Your In-house Training Programs
Benefits of Digital Credentials

Create Value for Non-academic Achievements

By incorporating your logo and corporate colours in digital badges and credentials in recognition of work and training achievements, you not only enhance your employer brand, but you also enhance the professional brand of your credential’s recipients. 

Breakdown Barriers

If 85% of jobs are filled by word of mouth, how are people in your community realizing new opportunities when they don’t have pre-existing contacts? Offering accessible on-the-job training, and providing recognition of achievement, helps people along their career path and attracts new hires that want to work for quality employers.