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Gain Recognition With Digital Credentials

Real World Certification and Credentials for Building Your Professional Brand

Searching for work takes time and energy.
Use your skills and set your career goals to easily find relevant:
Training opportunities,
Groups to network within, and
Work opportunities.
Earn digital credentials to:
Share your achievements on social media and with your contacts,
Enhance your professional brand, and
Use the recognition to build your reputation and attract work.
Manage your time and enjoy your life!
What Can Digital Credentials Do For You?
Recognition Through Credentials

Gain Recognition

Added credibility helps you to establish trust with new contacts.

Enhance Your Online Profiles

Enhance Your Online Profiles

Share your achievements and endorsed capabilities on social media networking platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Build Your Professional Brand

Build Your Brand

More people and businesses will become aware of what you have to offer.

Convenient Verification

Convenient Verification

The credentials you control, and may share online or in person, can be
instantly verified with the click of a button.

Attract Clients and Employers

Attract Clients and Employers

Your skills help you to more effectively market yourself
and attract relevant opportunities.

Your Career Is Your Business, Manage It Like One
Set Your Career Goal and Work Towards Achieving It

Skill Development

With so many options available to learn and build skills, it’s not always easy to find local, relevant opportunities. Skill Squirrel gathers event and training opportunities together in one place to simplify the search.

Business Networking

Often it’s not who you already know, but it’s who you need to know that can make all the difference. Skill Squirrel helps people to breakdown barriers and connect directly in a more relevant and trustworthy way.
Save Time and Energy

Search by Relevance

Opportunities for marginalized and disadvantaged communities are clearly indicated.

Self-Qualify for Opportunities

Posted opportunities that are accessible by wheelchair and/or have physical requirements are clearly indicated.

Increase Productivity

Custom sorting and filtering of options allow for the most relevant opportunities to be found.

Control What You Share and Where You Share It

Control Your Privacy

You decide who sees what content of yours, and we do not sell your private data.

Receive Authentic Endorsements

Enhance your profiles with authentic skill endorsements from employers, clients, and peers.

Use Existing Online Assets

Enhance your content by including links to your existing websites, credentials, ePortfolios, and social media networks.