Career Launching Platform

Our mission is to help people along their journey to a satisfying career life by having their skills valued and trusted.

Whether you are graduating, retiring, or anything in between, Skill Squirrel can help you find suitable and timely opportunities for building and selling your skills.

Our Principles

Equal Opportunity

Skill Squirrel allows for more equitable relationships to be formed between people and organizations. Through Skill Squirrel, individuals can achieve their career goals by leveraging their existing skills and by acquiring new, relevant skills.


In a fast-changing employment environment, where it is hard to keep track of the skills in-demand, Skill Squirrel enables people to build and promote the right set of skills for sustainable employment and business growth.

Shared Values

In a competitive landscape, businesses are always looking to attract the best talent with the right set of skills. Skill Squirrel helps businesses build their brands as conscientious employers that care deeply about their employee’s future.
What Makes Us Unique?


We offer a free account option, because we believe it is important that everyone has access to and may benefit from Verifiable Credentials technology.

Hybrid Business Model

We have a combined for-profit and co-operative business model to maximize social impact. This is something we are proud of and love to talk about. 

Community Reinvestment

We reinvest co-operative earnings back into communities to make learning and training more accessible to more people.