Career Launching Platform

Verified skills help launch new careers

Welcome to the future of skills-based hiring.
We make it easy to issue Verifiable Credentials so everyone may have validated proof of their capabilities.


Skill Squirrel makes it easy to find career supports, promote verifiable credential earning opportunities, and manage validated skills for career advancement.

Improved Search

Skill Squirrel improves upon common search methods by aggregating career counselling, employment services, and skill development related programs and services to open up a whole community network for people to find relevant work and learning resources.

Competency-based Matchmaking

Skill Squirrel's content creation, target marketing, and advanced search tools enable purposeful matchmaking to:

Promote and Locate Training Opportunities
Find and Sell Services
Promote and Find Events
Request and Find Advisors

Plus you can be in business for yourself, even if you work for someone else, and find and be found for suitable work and training opportunities.

Professional Brand Building

Skill Squirrel's marketplace brings individuals, trainers, and employers together for creating validated-skills-based recognition of achievement that can be shared online through social media networks and job marketplaces to enhance professional brands.

Verifiable Credentials

Just as higher education providers are issuing their own branded digital credentials, so can other organizations. Skill Squirrel makes it easy for: career services organizations, trade/professional associations, professional trainers, and employers of all sizes to offer digital recognition for achievements while building awareness for their brands in the form of digital certificates earned for activities such as:

Work Experience


People and Organizations
That Provide Training

Your expertise and services are in demand.
Skill Squirrel makes it easier for people reskilling
and employers upskilling employees
to find your targeted offerings
so more people can benefit
from your valued programming.

People Exploring
Career Options

Jobs change and so do your priorities.
Skill Squirrel offers limitless opportunities
to develop and market your valued and trusted skills
for achieving a satisfying career.

Employers That Offer
On-The-Job Training

Skills recognition is essential for career growth.
Skill Squirrel can help you enhance
your in-house training programs and employer brand
to attract and retain talent.